Since 1988, Media Canada has been providing a variety of clients with a wide range of services including: equipment acquisition, liquidation, logistics, customs documentation and technical services.

Currently, we specialize in locating and restoring  vintage pro audio consoles (Neve, Quad Eight, API), microphones, and outboard processing.

Some examples of our cliental are as follows:

NBC, Technicolor, Disney, Sony Studios, Hit Factory NY, Mussel Shoales, Metalworks, CBC, NFB, Plus XXX (France), Golden Era Productions, Cherry Beach Studios, Challyis Studios, Blackbird Studios, Phase One as well as many other recording facilities.

Meda Canada was also the exclusively recommended reseller for both Studer and Euphonics corporations during the analog era.

International recording artist cliental include - Pete Townshend, Eddie Kramer, Danny Elfman, Dennis Sands, Rick Rubin, Alicia Keys among many others.

Give us a call, and we'll see if we can help 519 679 0548


Victor Cangiano